MAN CELL campaigns against the anti dowry legislations (498-A, 406, 304-B IPC) and the Domestic Violence Act, as these laws are highly biased, and violative of basic human rights of equality before law.
MAN CELL is working for a social cause and stages regular protests on Human Rights Day & Women’s Day and has started observing the Mens Day. 

MAN CELL makes representations to the concerned to lobby for a change in laws, and for establishment of a MEN CELL from the government’s side of things to make things easier for Men. 

MEN CELL invites you to write to us about your case – your complainant would remain anonymous, and we would show these letters as evidences that men are also getting tortured, and a serious review of the laws is required in the interests of justice. 



We express our inability to take queries – due to health problems of Mr.Chugh, who’s been fighting for the last so many years – MEN CELL is not able to give personalised assistance in all the cases. 

Any personalised assistance/advise by Mr.Chugh is only online/via email through rpchughadvocatesupremecourt@hotmail.com 

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